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Would lumineers work for me?

i was told lumineers is about 1000$ per tooth? i have perfect teeth but i just need to close a gap between my two front teeth. would lumineers work for this and if it will how much will it cost? will they charge me for the two teeth? or for all my teeth that need moving?

Would lumineers work for me?
Lumineers do not move teeth, they change the appearance of your teeth. They are best used for patients that need an additive look, ie multiple spaces, small teeth. Since they are no-preparation veneers, they will result in a slightly bulkier tooth when completed.

As far as costs, if you have 2 front teeth done, you get charged for 2. simple enough.

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Who's the hottest and not so hot So You Think You Can Dance contestant?

I know its a dancing contest not a whos hot/not contest but Im just curious to what people think and why

Lauren is the hottest of the hottest of them all,well I think shes just plain hot. To say that its because shes beautiful charming charismatic(but can have an alter ego:tomboy karate and so on)and she has this perfect smile and white teeth to show people can have nice smiles but have bad teeth or bad smiles and perfect teeth she just shows it proudly. And to top it off she's 19. BUT I have 2 turn off with the hottest girl alive(IMO although I'm married my wife thinks the same) she's turning the competition to who has the best abs and who can act the preppiest and sluttiest girl, well, she's the obvious winner. The other is that she's into guys like way too much shes like NEIL PASHA! She doesn't care if she has a boyfriend or not she just wants to be surrounded by them

Not so hot is Sabra, she doesn't have this personality spark everybody has she can dance but no "it".

Who's the hottest and not so hot So You Think You Can Dance contestant?
My favorite out of the guys are Pasha and Danny although Danny is probably gay. Least hot guy is Neil.

Hottest girl is Sabra because she has the class and grace that the other girls lack. Least hot is Lacey because I think she is letting her popularity go to her head and I suspect that her being Benji's sister was a big part of the reason why she is on the show.
Reply:hmm...i like men. hok was the hottest, but now he's gone. dominick is disgusting.

i love lauren.
Reply:Hottest: Danny or Neil

Not so hot: Domonic (his face is just weird)
Reply:Kameron was hott and now he's gone =[ Neil is gorgeous!!!!! I love him !! and Pasha is uncomfortable to watch especially in the one part of their hip hop when Lauren was shaking her butt and he was too... umm for the girls Lauren and Lacey are really pretty i like Lacey alot more because of her dancing... its exceptional lol!!! love her!! Lauren is great but she doesnt have that "spark" quite yet...keep working on it sweetie u'll get it... as for dancing umm my fav. girl is Lacey and anyone who doesnt think Danny is absolutly incredible is insane i mean look at his pirowettes and his height of his grand jete's and stags its amazing...dominic looks like aflippin muskrat and jamie well she had *copying the judges comments* beautiful lines but she never completly showed any "spark" I LOVE SYTYCD!!!
Reply:Anya was the hottest girl - but of those left, it would have to be Lacey - it seems to be so natural for her. I'm not saying I like her, she hasn't got a genuine (gosh, she's so obviously phony) or humble bone in her body!

Danny is the hottest dude, because he doesn't realize he's hot - he's so humble. (He did something though, I forget what, but it made me wonder about his sexual preference.) He's still HOT though and a phenomenal dancer.
Reply:Ditto to mwang. But if you rewatched the Wednesday night show, you'll see that Pasha said he doesnt want to let her down, he never said that to anyone else but her, so he cares for her somehow, not as much as she does for him as how we saw it though. Lauren is hot, so is Pasha and Neil. I like them 3 but I would die to see Pasha and Lauren, as well as Lauren and Neil to dance a slow ballroom, IF America is smart enough to put her through, hopefully she will.

Lauren + Pasha = Intense Hottness, Lauren + Neil = Flaming Hot

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Good Morning on ITV (UK)?

Does that Ruth woman who presents on a Friday get on anybody else's nerves other than mine?!!

With her perfect hair, her perfect teeth, her perfect diction, her perfect baby and her perfect marriaget to blobby Eamon. While I'm here in my scruffs trying to tidy a week's mess up before everyone starts coming home at 3pm, she is DOING MY HEAD IN! I guess I should change channel!!

Anyway, I've never liked her, and she's just annoyed me by (yet again) telling the men (i.e. Philip S and Antony WT) what they can and can't do!

Will someone ask Fern to come in on a Friday? It's my day off, and it's spoiled by having to watch and listen to Perfect Ruthy while I'm doing my stuff around the house.

Right, rant over. Have a great weekend everybody!!

Good Morning on ITV (UK)?
It is half-term and Fern is looking after the kids, presumably.

I refuse to watch This Morning when Ruth whats-her-face is on it, because she is such a whiner. She was whining about someone who didn't hold a door open for her, and then slammed one in her face! XD Did you ever stop and think it was something to do with YOU, dear?

Poor Eammon Holmes. How does he put up with it? %-P
Reply:yeah i love fern that ruth gets on my **** too. luckily i have work friday so........

lucky me!
Reply:Thanks for that insight into the female mind!
Reply:Yeah I'm watching it now and shes getting on my nerves.

Wheres Fern gone?
Reply:I really don't have an issue with her because i'm from Oztralia and have never heard of her. But you have a great weekend as well!!
Reply:remember no one is prefect
Reply:What a couple Eamon is the devil in disguise and she thinks she's God.
Reply:OK...'Fern, would it be possible if you did fridays as well? its just that Ruth is really doing everyones head in'...there done it....what ou could do is tape thursdays and watch that on friday, in the meantime
Reply:lol - I get annoyed with Fern when she does interviews with the public and she simpers to them so I like the change when Ruth whoever she is is on. I dont watch it much these days. I had no idea she was married to Eamon (Holmes??!!). He is the one man on TV guarenteed to make me switch it off. There is something really not nice about him. Perhaps they are going to quietly take over our tv viewing...........arghhhhhh!!!!
Reply:They all annoy me on this morning, so I watch BBC Breakfast instead!!
Reply:its worse when that tit of a husband of hers stands in for philip, they end up nearly having a domestic on tv.....take it home with you, we dont care that he forgot your birthday/anniversary/valentine/bar mitzvah......bring back lozzer kelly
Reply:Change the blinking channel then! Sorry but unnecessary moaning does my head in!
Reply:Ha Ha LOL - I hear ya, thats why I haven't watched it today....

Fern and Phil rule...



Do you think it's wrong when an 18 year old trys to be perfect? Perfect job, Perfect teeth, Perfect Relationship, Perfect Boyfriend / Girlfriend, Perfect friends?

he must be a highly amibitious person. its not wrong to try to be perfect, but there's always chance that he'll fail. he has to keep in mind that we learn a lot through our mistakes. besides, he has to be careful so that this high-ambition doesn't snatch away any good thing from the life.
Reply:they can try, but they'll fail. perfection is impossible. But it gives you somthing you should always try for. Like the endless road
Reply:yes. its egotistical competition with the world
Reply:I wouldnt say it's wrong, its just not appropriate. At that age, you should be learning from your mistakes that you make. And there's no such thing as being perfect. Nobody is.

Loosen up, chill out, make some mistakes and learn from it.

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Root Canal or Get it Pulled?

Hi im 22 years old %26amp; i Have had a tooth-ache off on for over a year now ! It recently got worse So i went to the dentist! I have had the tooth filled several times ! This recent visit they said the tooth was dieing plus I have bad infection where the filling is on that toothand I need a root canal they explained the procedure and all that ! But both my parents had bad experinces with there root canals and ended getting them pulled out anyhow! Plus I have heard other horror stories as well! My Dental Insurance will only pay half so that leaves me to pay 500.00 not includeing the crowns to be put on later! Its a back tooth so Im really considering just haveing pulled but I really am worried cause im young still and most of my teeth have fillings so its not like I perfect teeth to start with! So just any good advice or suggustions would be great!

Root Canal or Get it Pulled?
Hi Emily,

I would personally consider root canal treatment (RCT). RCT is not guaranteed successful, but surely it is worth a try, because it is better to try and keep all of your teeth in your mouth.

I can see your point, though, as it if proves unsuccessful, then you've wasted a lot of money.

I am 20 years old and regret having teeth extracted, but that might be because I work in a dental practice and teeth interest me now.

If you have a decent amount of teeth in your mouth, then perhaps opt for it to be extracted. Ask your dentist if it will make much of a difference if the tooth is missing.

I must say, quite a few patients I have seen recently have decided on an extraction, rather than RCT. But please do not let this influence your decision.

I am a dental surgery assistant and my advice is given on a personal level and should not be considered to be professional.

Please let me know what you decide.

Keep smiling.
Reply:Hi Emily,

Since you're young, you may want to go ahead and have the root canal treatment done. Make an appointment with an endodontist, who specializes in root canals..

While your parents have concerns, you should be ok after the treatment. Yes, dental work can be expensive, but at least you have dental insurance to help with your out of pocket expenses.

If you have the tooth extracted, the teeth on either side of the space will shift. A bridge can be done to prevent this, but if you're looking at cost effectiveness, a root canal and a crown is less expensive than an extraction and a bridge.

Your insurance has an annual maximum, so make sure a pre-treatment estimate is done prior to the crown. This way you'll know how much you'll be responsible for.

Good Luck!
Reply:Root canals are successful about 90%+ in the back teeth and generally go well. The cost is an investment in your health and may save you money in the long run. You should get regular checkups and cleanings to catch problems like this early when they are easier and cheaper to fix. Good Luck!
Reply:I have had several root canals (not that I'm proud :) and they are well worth it with an experienced endodontist (root canal therapy dentist) as opposed to having a gaping hole in one's mouth and especially since you are so young as someone else pointed out. If you get the tooth pulled, you would still need to get a bridge or 'flipper' to give a decent cosmetic look to your smile. I'm not sure how much that costs either, but if you have a choice, I would go with the root canal providing that you go to an endodontist with a good reputation.
Reply:saving the tooth is your best bet if at all possible. who knows, down the road you might have more cavities and this and that and saving your teeth as best you can will save you money in the long run because you might need implants which are sooo expensive!
Reply:I was a dental assistant in the army for several years, the cost of dental treatment was never an issue for the patients

or the care providers. From that view point it is always better

to save the functionality of the tooth, by taking the dentist reccomomended course of treatment. You can't grow another

tooth. If you can afford it financially go with the root canal and crown. Don't worry about the horror stories you've heard about the proccedure after all your allready in pain. The treatment is meant to elliminate the cause of the pain and retain the fuctionality of the tooth. If cost is a problem perhaps

extraction would be a better course of action.


Will Braces Make My Nose A Bit More Narrow When I Smile?


First off, I do not have perfect teeth. They narrow in a bit and are not alligned with my jaw nor are they straight %26amp; perfect. Im getting braces/invislign retainer[s] next month. The thing is, when I smile my nose gets super wide. I sort of this it has something to do with the alignment of my teeth. Because my nose is narror when I am not smiling. I have put paper in my mouth to see what Ill look like with straight WHITE perfect teeth before, weird-I know, but when I smiled my nose didnt get wide or anything. Anyone have any experience with this? I know its probably out of the norm. but if its EVER happened before Id love to know...

Will Braces Make My Nose A Bit More Narrow When I Smile?
I whole heartly agree with you. I recently went to the dentist to have a wisdom teeth removed and on a computer genrated image I was shown what my teeth, jaw ,neck would look like if my teeth were properly alingedand yes my nose did look smaller.
Reply:Sounds like it may be a matter of comparison/proportion/optical illusion. You smiled normally and your nose widened and even with the paper, you would smile as well. Maybe having straighter teeth after the braces will actually "take away" from your nose looking wide.
Reply:I think that maybe the inside of your mouth got stuck onto the paper, causing the skin to stay in one place when you smiled. When you normally smile there is only slippery teeth there, which doesn't hold the skin attached to your nose in place---causing it to spread.
Reply:The reason your nose appears to get wider when you smile is due to your facial muscles contracting and pulling on your facial skin (including your nose). The width or narrowness of your nose has nothing to do with the teeth alignment.


Reply:nope, thats just a computer error. your nose wont change. mine didnt.

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Can I go to another Dentist this year?

I have Medicaid or Medicare and my mom has both.

I am very dissatisfied with this experience with these Dentists ( read my other questions if you want details). My mom is quickly finding herself not happy with them either.

Can I go to another Dentist this year?

If you want short story-- 10 months ago perfect teeth with dentist at this place. This time woman, drills teeth she didn't say she was going to,.. she said she was going to do 3 teeth. Had allergic reaction to shots she forced on me against my will, she couldn't finish.. didn't know why I was haveing those reactions since noone is allergic to shots or has any side effects accoridng to her. My mom got me dentist from last time, guy drills teeth that isn't that dentist [without shot]. 4 teeth this time, 2 last time,.. makeing 3 more teeth then I was told,.. only one tooth is one of the ones she said was going to get filling. He says to come back for untold number of more fillings.

Can I go to another Dentist this year?
You need to check with your insurance. In WI, you can only have 1 checkup and cleaning (if you are over 13) one time per year. Fillings are a different story, they can be done whenever. What kind of reaction did you get to anesthetic? Side effects are rare. Alot of people experience rapid heartbeat, panicky feeling. If so, that is from the epinephrine in the anesthetic. Ask to use without epi. Also, maybe previous dentist missed some cavities on the xray, or they were small enough to watch for the time being and now needed to be treated. To avoid cavities in the future, chew sugarless gum, avoid soda, juices and other sweetened liquids like Gatorade. If you are going to drink a soda, have it with a meal, don't sip over a long period of time. Besides brushing, make sure you floss! Most people get interproximal (in between the teeth) types of cavities. Also, you could use a fluoride rinse to help prevent cavities.
Reply:Yes you can change a dentist or doctor anytime you want to.
Reply:Every plan is different..Some do not allow you to switch except once a year and some do allow you to. The only person who can answer that for you is your medical insurance.